Friday, April 23, 2010

Honor your own unique thoughts and gifts. It's Spring!

Today I planted a few things in the soft, loamy earth. As I put in a few small plants, I began making a comparison with the fertile ground of the mind. I saw that as I dug, the hard crust began to give way. I pulled out some hard rocks---how like our thoughts. They can often be covered with a a crust of cliches and hardened concepts. We need to soften the mind and dig around, letting the fertile ground appear. Let fresh ideas sprout. April is here. It is poetry month.

Shakespeare's birthday is April 23rd. Honor the bard. Honor your own unique thoughts and gifts. April 29th is carry a poem in your pocket day. Carry you favorite poem and read it to yourself several times. Read it to other people you encounter that day. It even could be one that you have written. Let the ground be fertile!


  1. The snow upstate is still in the process of melting. The daffodils are busting with their yellow heads in every direction. The drive from LI to the mountains is starting to look that chatreuse color of spring. I am waiting for the ground to warm enough to scratch in some seeds. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. I love the colors of early spring, especially the newness of green---chartreuse describes it perfectly.