Friday, February 24, 2012


February is not a popular month in many places, bringing miserable weather with it. I well remember the snowy, cold days of February, growing up in Buffalo, New York.

I also remember loving February because it brought two holidays from school (Lincoln’s and Washington’s birthdays were celebrated separately in those long ago times) and one other very special day---my birthday.

Smack in the middle of the month was a day that brought poetry front and center---Valentine’s Day. The cards cost pennies and the poetry was trite, but it was a thrill being told you were as sweet as sugar in rhyme. Poetry can be a vehicle for expressing our deepest emotions and love longs to be expressed in a poetic form. The great poets have done it well. Take some time this month to read their love poems---you know who they are.

Or try writing a love poem to a dear one (forget Hallmark)---it’s not too late. We have one extra day this February. Take the leap!