Friday, January 24, 2014

January Thaw

The snow that came this January is going to stick around for awhile. 
Usually, our January storms melt quickly in warming temperatures
and bright sunlight.  But this year, the cold will mold it into grayish­
brown lumps that displease the eye and that continue to lurk in odd
 places to trip us, when least expecting it.  It is very, very cold. 
Extremely cold for this area.  It is finger and toe numbing cold. 
Numbing is the word of this month and segues into my January blog.

We have so many ways of numbing our feelings.  We push them
down…freeze them into such odd lumps that they become
inaccessible.  We have learned ways to numb our feelings through
alcohol, food, drugs (prescription or other), shopping, TV in excess,
frantic busyness etc.…a list we know all too well.

There are times when it is necessary to "numb out" and ok to do so.
Whatever gets you through.  But if we stick around in these places,
it will be hard to welcome a January thaw.  We will get used to being
numb.  I refuse to use the old cliche, get in touch with your feelings. 
Let me put it this way.  Get in touch with some poetry, some music,
some close friends.  Have a January Thaw Party.  Go to an art gallery
or dig out an art book and let the landscapes of spring and summer
warm you.  Have a heart to heart talk with a good friend.  Let the
tears flow.  One of the best parts of being human is having feelings. 
Feel them.