Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Thoughts of and hopes for spring

It's hard not to have thoughts of and hopes for spring, even though the winds are chilly and there are blobs of dirty snow looming around us.

To bolster that hope, I bought a small bouquet of tightly closed daffodils, my favorite flower.

True to form, they opened their sunny faces and brightened my life with their utter simplicity.

Here's a poem about daffodils that is in my newly published book "At The Turquoise Table"
Photo by Russell J Smith (flickr)

Late Storm

Longing for an early spring

I sloshed through the slush

to buy

a fistful of bright, yellow


who sit defiantly

on my table

nodding in my direction.


  1. Who? Gotta love that poetic license :)

  2. Brings back memories----Daffodils are about beginnings, the tenacity of starting yet again.

  3. You remember Russ don't you?:)

  4. Thanks belatedly Martha for your lovely thought.