Monday, October 7, 2013

Poetry and Politics

Photo by Kathleen Tyler Conklin

An Oxymoron?  Recently on Capitol Hill you had a twenty-one hour display of the spoken word that was not poetic (despite a dash of Dr. Seuss).  Language that soars---not so much.  Even though the government has shut down, Congress has not remained silent.  What I have heard emanating from that august (?) body has not inspired me or moved me to anything, only perhaps to the edge of despair.

The shutdown has caused hardships for many. It may seem trite to complain about a seemingly small loss that I am experiencing…the loss of the Panda Cam.  The windy words emanating from Congress caused me to turn to a more contemplative activity…quietly and in silence watching the Panda Cam daily. The only noise I heard was the squealing of the five week old Panda cub and the Mei Xiang's solicitous licking of her baby. That scene rested my mind and soothed my soul.

Now it is no longer available on my computer. I miss it. To fill that precious time, I turned to writing a poem about Mei Xiang.

Photo by Kathleen Tyler Conklin


Big Momma needed a tiny nudge
to change her ways,

smaller space, less food, no desire to roam
from her cubby hole these days.

Far from her adoring fans
no need to strut her stuff

She's got other things to do
much sweeter than bamboo.

Wonder where she's been?
She's mothering in her den.

A place of peace and calm
Big Momma now a Mom.


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