Friday, December 23, 2011

The Longest Night

Yesterday the axial tilt of the earth’s polar hemisphere was farthest away from the sun at

12:30 am. EST or in other more poetic words, last night was the longest night of the year.

Darkness arrives early in the daytime and stays late into the morning hours during this time of year.

Being clever beings, we compensate by lighting up---filling our houses and yards with the glow of Hanukkah and Christmas candles and lights.

But perhaps the plentitude of darkness can soften the glare of our busy lives and invite us to take some quiet time to reflect. Time to sit with our thoughts and become enlightened in a different way.

We take the risk that the ghosts of past regrets and the rattling chains of sadness will arise Scrooge-like into our consciousness. But it may be a time to welcome and sit with these dark moments. It may be a time to greet this dark energy and embrace it as part of our very human selves…and to let it deepen our compassion.

Tomorrow the earth will have tilted a little more toward the Sun and we can celebrate the new day…the longest night will have once again passed.

To all a Good Day!


  1. Merry Christmas back at you and to the clan in California enjoying those sunny days.
    I'll miss being with you all.

  2. Darkness is not bad, it depends on what you do when it's dark. A good book, a good movie, time with friends and family makes the darkness bright.

  3. No it is a good thing---we can make it bright in many ways, but it is the balance I love---because it also gives us a time of rest and reflection.
    A bright New Year to you Ruth my friend.

  4. Hope you had a very nice holiday and a New Year...!

  5. I did Ana---thank you. Hope to see you in 2012.